Welcome to the CCN-CLIL 2010 Conference Blog!

Posted on August 7, 2010


| 1. Teaching Teachers for CLIL | 2. Managing CLIL Classrooms |

| 3. Enriching Learning through CLIL | 4. Sustaining CLIL |

| 5. Building an Evidence Base | 6. Primary CLIL |

| 7. Creating CLIL resources |


Approaching Excellence

The aim of the individual CLIL CAFE sessions is to talk through issues relating to quality for the respective topics. We believe that quality assurance is not an issue that can be forced upon the community following a top-down approach, but that such standards should come from the community itself. The CLIL CAFE sessions provide us with an opportunity to start this dialogue.

What are the CCN CLIL Cafes?

At the Eichstatt CLIL Conference in September 2010 there will be extended opportunities for dialogue and participation. The intention of the cafes is to provide space and time in which to meet and talk together about all things CLIL.

Each café will be hosted by convenors who will initiate and facilitate café conversations. The final phase of each café session involves feedback on key aspects to the convenors who will then report back to the conference audience on Saturday afternoon.

What is the purpose of this blog?

The purpose of this blog is to start conversations about the themes of the cafes before the conference even starts. We have identified broad themes and some possible areas of interest for café conversations.

How can you take part?

We invite you to post your comments on this blog on any aspects of CLIL which you would think should be included as conversation topics at Eichstatt. Please note that this contribution maybe a single sentence or a short paragraph.

You do not need to be registered to WordPress; you won’t need a password or username; just start writing on the Comment box at the bottom of each page.

What happens after the conference?

Key ideas and outcomes from café discussions will be posted on the CCN website following the conference.